procrastination is often the result
of a lack of clarity.

If you don't know where you're going, of course you won't take action.

We're here to help you
build an impact-first business.

A business focused on REAL transformation. A business that creates meaningful change while also generating profit. A business that TRULY centers your learners, clients, and students.

$197 for lifetime access

We're *literal experts* at helping people take action.

We ask, you answer.

You don't have to pull your dream business out of nowhere. We ask specific, targeted questions (and give you answer options) to make even the most confused brain feel calm clarity.

Watch other business owners get coached.

Although we're no longer running this program live, you'll get access to coaching call recordings with searchable transcripts. This means you can watch business owners just like you get coached on the same struggles you probably have.

We'll throw in done-for-you clarity templates

We include the EXACT dashboard that our CEO Karin used to plan out her vision for BBA, and what she STILL uses to identify client sticking points, quarterly projects, and stay on track (even with a shiny object syndrome brain).

you're building a business
But you're also building a new version of YOURSELF.
This isn't your average business course. It's a business course with a serious behavior change twist.

hey, I'm dr. karin nordin

Since January 2021, I’ve built an audience from 0 to 300,00 followers across platforms. I’ve built a company from 1 client to 100+. I’ve grown our revenue from $1 to $1 million. 

So what was it? What was the key? I can tell you it wasn’t a specific strategy, formula, or template.

It was a PhD level understanding of how human behavior works. 

Businesses are built through behavior.

But what we know about behavior is that it starts with clarity. We can’t generate a map without a destination. SO many entrepreneurs are struggling – not because they don’t have the dedication, the willpower, or the skills…

But because they don’t have enough clarity to take action. 

That clarity is waiting for you inside Business Blueprint.

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