Change Academy 2.0

Un-learn society's self-help bullsh*t...and make empowered changes that actually last.


Change Academy 2.0

Un-learn society's self-help bullsh*t...and make empowered changes that actually last.

Stop approaching self-help

from a place of self-hate. 

THIS feels like YOU ...

THIS feels like YOU ...

Imagine How It Could Feel To Have...

Actionable Insights:

Gain access to step-by-step guidance and practical tools that transform overwhelming self-help concepts into manageable, actionable steps, ensuring you make real progress toward your goals.

An Evidence-Based Approach:

Learn from a curriculum built on scientific research and psychological principles, offering you strategies that are proven to work, not just trendy advice.

Community and Support:

Join a community of like-minded individuals and receive personalized support through workshops, coaching calls, and accountability groups, making your journey toward change less isolating and more achievable.

Want to be Unstoppable...

We hear you…

You're skeptical about embarking on yet another personal development journey, fearing it might end up in the pile of past attempts.

The world of self-improvement is cluttered with quick fixes and promises that seldom deliver.

How we are different...

Feeling this?

What They're Saying



We start with a live kickoff call each quarter where we set goals & determine your unique support & implication plan


You’ll choose 3-4 workshops to explore. You can attend accountability calls to work & watch alongside our community!


Using our printable worksheets, you’ll apply what you’re learning TO YOUR LIFE – and come to open coaching calls if you get stuck or frustrated!


At the end of the quarter, we’ll review, reflect, and celebrate together. Then we’ll kick off the next 90-day cycle!

You’re getting all this plus bonus workshops, Guest speakers, and community support!


Dive into Change Academy with Our 3-Day Free Trial!

You’ve tried so much shit before… what makes this membership different? Will this actually WORK for you? Is this yet another self-development resources filled with tips you’ve already heard?

Answer those questions for yourself

This trial is a testament to our confidence in the value we provide. It’s a chance for you to peek behind the curtain and see if our academy aligns with your vision of growth and change. Whether you’re a seasoned self-improvement enthusiast or just starting on your journey, these three days could be the start of something transformative.

Ready to change the game?

Sign up for our 3-Day Free Trial and start your journey towards empowered change. Because when it comes to growth, seeing is believing, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s possible with Change Academy.


Want to know more about what you'll learn?

Alright, let’s take a sneak peek at 6 of our top-pick workshops (out of a whopping 24, by the way) to give you a little taste of the juicy topics we’re gonna explore together. Scroll through the rest at the bottom to see them all.

How to beat Goal Overwhelm

Feeling swamped by your ambitions? Our “How to Beat Goal Overwhelm” workshop is designed to navigate you through the maze of your aspirations, transforming overwhelm into actionable, achievable steps.

How to fail without losing your sh*t.

Facing failure with grace can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Our workshop, “How to Fail Without Losing Your Sh*t,” offers strategies to turn setbacks into stepping stones, helping you manage disappointment with resilience and a positive outlook.

How to Manage Your Time

Struggling to keep up with the clock? “How to Manage Your Time” is a workshop that teaches you to master your schedule, ensuring you can juggle life’s responsibilities with ease while carving out moments for what truly matters.

How to motivate yourself

Finding it hard to light that fire within? Our “How to Motivate Yourself” workshop is here to ignite your inner drive, offering practical tools and insights to keep you moving forward, even when the going gets tough.

How to build & change relationships

Navigating the dynamics of relationships can be complex. “How to Build & Change Relationships” is a workshop designed to equip you with the skills to foster meaningful connections and adapt to the evolving needs of your relationships, ensuring they grow and flourish over time.

How to build a habit you'll actually keep.

Ever wonder why some habits stick and others fizzle out? Dive into our “How to Build a Habit You’ll Actually Keep” workshop to uncover the secrets of lasting habit formation, providing you with a roadmap to integrate genuinely sustainable practices into your daily life.


but part of our mission here at BBA is to provide low-cost, high-value resources.



(Sooo… You’re changing your life for less then you paid for your last
Uber Eats!! )

Psst! are you a coach?

If so, you’re going to want to check out

Change Academy PRO. 

(it’s designed just for you!)


Hey there, I'm Karin!

My name is Dr. Karin Nordin, and I’m a PhD expert in behavior change and growth mindset – but I’m also someone who has been seeking, exploring, and experimenting with change for years because I REALLY struggled with it.

From habit formation to tidiness to STICKING to a freaking routine, I spent YEARS wanting (and failing) to make a real change in my own behavior patterns.

After acquiring 157 self-help books STILL didn’t cut it, I went looking for answers… and ended up with a PhD.

Now, I’m on a mission to provide evidence-based change education to as many people as possible.

The kind the self-help books WON’T teach you, and the kind that ACTUALLY works for busy normal people like you and me.

Join me in Change Academy as I share the real science behind self-help with YOU.

"Change academy is better than any self help book out there."
Academy Member
"I really love the science spotlight snippets combined with the in depth break down of how to actually apply that science to real life. I waited a long time before finally subscribing to Change Academy, and I was so pleased with it when I finally did!"
Academy Member
" Each webinar provides easy and actionable tips to immediately implement into your daily routine. It has been an absolute game changer for my personal development!"
Academy Member


After being in Change Academy for a year

You'll Go From...

To This...


Heck yes! I'm in!



Pay every 6 months


Pay every


3-day free trial, then





Pay every 6 months


Pay every



If so, you’re going to want to check out


(it’s designed just for you!)

Who is Change Academy right for?

Hear it directly from our members…

The Academy is also right for you IF you get excited about...

Heres My Pitch.

95% of what’s out there on how to change is complete and utter bullshit. It’s toxic. It’s not evidence-based. AND, it’s wrong! 

The stories you hear about how to “boost your willpower” or how “simple” your habits can be with the right “tiny” formula or how within just X number of days, you can totally build that discipline you “desperately need” and become mentally tough…


I’m on a mission to help you pursue your big, impossible dreams for the person you want to be…from a place of love, and acceptance, and compassion.. and with a realistic understanding of what we can expect from ourselves as HUMAN BEINGS with real squishy brains, not lifeless productivity robots engineered by capitalism.

It might be rare, or even unheard of — but it is possible.

Compassion-first change.

Our Three Promises


The shit we’re covering in each workshop isn’t some random idea I came up with in the shower… it’s evidence-based practice. What does that mean? It means we’ll combine scientific research, my years of experience coaching actual humans on change, and YOUR personal perspective to create a plan & approach that works for YOU.


If there’s one thing I hate in the world of behavior change, it’s procrasti-learning. We can absorb ALL the information on behavior change that exists in the universe, but it does us absolutely no good until we take action. That’s why each workshop will come with strategic action steps and a game-planning component, so you walk away knowing exactly what to DO with the fun stuff you learned.


I am going to ask you hard questions in these workshops. I am going to push your buttons. I am going to call you out and I am going to make you think. It will not always be comfortable. In fact, my goal is that most of the time, you feel a little uncomfortable or challenged by what we discuss. Fair warning – change comes from a shift in perspective.

student love

"Taught Me Life Altering Skills"

Change academy has fundamentally changed how I view personal development. Now I can’t listen to books or podcasts from top professional development individuals without feeling their content is surface level. Change academy has taught me tangible and life altering skills regarding how to modify my mind and enact real change in my life.

– Amy

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You have access to our FULL library of recordings while you’re a member, and if you choose to leave, you lose access. You’re always welcome to come back!

Nope! There is NO minimum commitment. If you join, the workshop isn’t your style, and you don’t want to be a member anymore… you can simply unsubscribe. 

(And we make it easy – you can do it yourself, without emailing anyone or filling out a huge survey)

No problem! 70% of our members do NOT attend the calls, and instead, they just watch the replay sent out afterwards!

We record ALL guest speakers and bonus workshops, but we do not record accountability calls (we just offer these multiple times per month across different time zones). 

You can unsubscribe inside the platform by visiting the “my account” tab and clicking unsubscribe. It’s that easy!

NOTE: If you subscribed BEFORE 2023, you’ll need to email our client care team ( since your subscription was originally run on our old platform.

Yes. Change Academy was created using Universal Design for Learning, an evidence-based curriculum approach that ASSUMES neurodivergent & disabled folks will be part of the program. We also have multiple folks on our team who are neurodivergent! 

In Change Academy, you’ll be able to attend group coaching calls & submit your questions to “Ask A Coach.”

However, if you’re looking for dedicates 1 on 1 support with your change journey, we recommend Alliance Coaching. 


Pssst... WHAT are you doing down here?

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