I want you to know...
It's possible to live an intentional life...

... even if you feel so overwhelmed by it all right now.

... even if you don't have 100% control over your entire schedule.

... even if you're not sure what that even looks like.




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Inside our coaching program

we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you feel more aligned with their time.

~ We’ve helped parents home full-time with little ones and full-time corporate workers. 

~ We’ve helped people who have to sign out of work for bathroom breaks and full-time entrepreneurs who have 100% autonomy over their days. 

~ We’ve helped students and shift workers and everything in between.

What did we learn?

Our relationship with TIME can be fundamentally attributed to the relationship between six key pillars.



You're doing the mental equivalent of carrying your groceries in your hands... let's help you pick up a cart. 



When it all feels like it has to get done, it's hard to choose what matters... but it's not impossible. You can do hard things.



Your to do list isn't cutting it, because it lets your perfectionistic brain overload your capacity. Let's fix that.



Stop visualizing the perfect week, and start visualizing the best RESPONSE to obstacles.



"IT'S WEDNESDAY AND NOTHING HAS GONE TO PLAN." What if this was an opportunity for play, not panic?



You won't always have a good week, but you'll ALWAYS have data. Imagine what will happen if you USE it.

Your worth is not determined by your to do list.

Are you ready for a time management framework built on that truth?

We’re experts in student engagement DETERMINED to make this course something you’ll actually use.

Here’s some of our favorite features:


The Philosophies Underlying This Course

Time is your most VALUABLE asset. Leverage it.

Time management isn’t just about increasing productivity. It’s about crafting an intentional life.

Planning is still useful if you don’t follow the plan.

Are you ready to build an intentional life?

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Interested in grabbing Compassionate Calendar next time it opens?
Simply drop your email below and we'll send you details when it's time!

Interested in grabbing Compassionate Calendar next time it opens?
Simply drop your email below and we’ll send you details when it’s time!
Interested in weekly behavior change tips that will actually help you make changes in your life?


“How do you do it all?


The year was 2021, and this was the number one question people were asking me on Instagram. Let me set the scene: I’m a graduate student. I’m working full-time, have a contract gig on the side, and I’m building a business online. I hop from dissertation writing to client check-ins to IG lives, somehow also making time for self-care like workouts and meal prep. 

I was busy, yes. 


But I could “do it all” because I was extremely STRATEGIC about what that “busy” looked like. I had spent years during my PhD learning the science of behavior, motivation, and learning… and without realizing it, I had succinctly packed that knowledge into a series of key systems I was using to survive.


Over the next year, I would start teaching those systems to my clients. I watched as the key pillars that worked so well for me ALSO helped the people I was working with – across careers, priorities, demands and values – they held strong. For a long, long time, Alliance Coaching was the ONLY place you could learn this time-tested framework for intentionally living. 

Now, we’re about to bring this to YOU. 

Should I do this course, or apply for coaching?

The truth is, you can learn our key principles within Alliance Coaching OR this Compassionate Calendar course.

You should choose Alliance Coaching IF…

You should choose Compassionate Calendar IF…


You've got questions? We have answers!


Whenever you want it to, friend! You have lifetime access and this is a self-led product. That means you can take it at your own pace and always return back to it later if life gets busy. 

Nope. Time blocking is discussed but only as part of ONE of the six pillars we teach. 

We also have an entire module dedicated to situations when time blocking doesn’t work (young kids, chronic illness, chaotic schedule), and we teach you an alternative that has many of the same benefits as time blocking.

Contrary to what you might think, the majority of people we work with at BBA are NOT entrepreneurs with total control of their schedule. 

The majority of people we work with are REGULAR people – stay at home parents, 9-5 workers, students, nurses, EMTs, remote workers, in person workers, etc. 

So yes! Even if you have ZERO control over what happens within that 9-5 time period, being more intentional about your 5pm-9am will produce incredible benefits in your life.


We estimate that in total, the course will take you 5-6 hours to complete. 

But if you (ironically) don’t have enough TIME for that, we’ve got an “emergency button” module inside that walks you from overwhelm to clarity in less than 30 minutes.

Each module or activity should only take 10-20 minutes to complete – there are no hour-long lectures to watch (and be bored by) here. 

Change Academy is very SCIENCE focused. This course is primarily designed to give you simple, instantly applicable tools. 

We are also able to give you TONS more resources than we offer in Change Academy. We’ve got a SLEW of DIY resources in here – including project management software templates, downloadable PDFs, weekly review forms, and more. 

If you love Change Academy… you’ll lose your mind over this course. 

We build every single product we have at BBA using a philosophy called Universal Design for Learning (UDL). 

What that means is that while most courses are designed FOR the “majority” (AKA neurotypical, able-bodied people), courses designed with UDL actually assume neurodivergent and disabled folks will be students. We build the course with those populations in mind. 

We’re not ADHD experts – but we do have team members at BBA who are neurodivergent (and use these exact tools) and we’ve had plenty of neurodivergent clients succeed with them as well. 

Because this is a digital course, and we have no way of knowing how much of it you downloaded, we do not offer refunds. If you’re unsatisfied with your experience, let us know! We will be updating the course in the future (updates are always free to current students) and we love to incorporate your feedback.

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